Why a person requires PSD to HTML conversion service despite knowing the truth that it is extremely time intensive? Well, conversion of PSD into strong HTML mark-up language plays very crucial role to create a very semantic, mix browser compatible and W3C validated website. Web developers design templates in layers that are held in PSD formats. PSD based files are images held in the.psd (Illustrator) format. To get a properly commented live web portal, one should integrate the PSD format based image into HTML (a predominant mark-up language). Want to know more about converting psd to wordpress, visit us today!

How you can convert PSD based template/ theme into HTML to have an appealing website? The entire process of converting PSD to HTML is a solution to the issue. However, this kind of conversion process is in some way much like PSD to XHTML conversion. The PSD to HTML conversion process begins with slicing of the image. To be able to slice a picture, a web programmer open PSD based file in Illustrator (image editing software) or other imaging compatible software. By slicing particular PSD format based file, a web coder could easily make alterations in it like add or remove buttons, links and text boxes, change images, background color etc.

After making alterations in sliced PSD files, a web programmer save them as bitmap, JPEG, GIF or other compatible formats. Now, a web coder integrates PSD file into top quality and simple-to-understand HTML language. Quite simply, Illustrator based sliced files happen to be hands-coded by web developer into pixel perfect, table-less, mix browser suitable for W3C validated HTML language. That's all PSD to HTML conversion process comprises.

After PSD to HTML integration, PSD based image looks a lot better than an authentic one. Actually, by hands coding with Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML), a web programmer adds existence to some pre-designed PSD format based file. Therefore, by way of PSD to HTML conversion service, one get highly search engine friendly web portal and improve corporate identity of his business among potential visitors. Visit www.psdgator.com for more information.